Plan, Shop, and Save on Groceries on iPhone or Android!

Download the app that Consumer Reports, the Washington Post, and the Anderson Cooper Show named a top mobile shopping app!

Pushpins makes it easy to build your grocery list, share it with your family & friends, save with digital coupons & weekly specials, discover great recipes, and quickly navigate the store.

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Shopping Lists with Simple Syncing

Build your shopping list by searching or scanning over 200,000 grocery products. Sync your list with your whole family or to your other devices with one-click.

Digital Coupons & Weekly Specials

Pushpins automatically matches the best digital coupons and weekly specials to the items on your shopping list. Save hundreds of dollars a year in thousands of stores across the country. Just add your loyalty card to start saving.

Weekly specials are available nationwide and digital coupons are available in ~10,000 stores including DeCA, Food City, Foodtown, Giant Eagle, Harps, Just Save Foods, Lowes Foods, MainStreet Market, Marsh, Publix, Shop ‘n Save, ShopRite, Rite Aid, & Weis.

If you don't see your store, please be patient – we are working hard to bring digital coupons to your store.

Item Details

Track the item’s quantity, price, size, and notes. Bookmark an item to make the item quickly accesible.

Aisle Sorting

Pushpins sorts your lists by aisle to help you get in and out the store quickly and easily.

Nutrition Info

Access the full nutrition label and ingredients of over 100,000 products and see exactly what’s in your food!

Beautiful Images

View beautiful product images of thousands of products, so you know exactly what to look for in-store!